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Hampton High School Renovation Project

Construction for the Phase I of the Hampton High School Renovation Project began prior to the start of the 2021-22 school year. When complete, the renovations and improvements will include new roofing, a redesigned entrance, improved traffic flow around the building, expanded parking, and a new flexible and collaborative media center for students and staff. 

Image of HHS parking renovation rendering

Traffic and parking improvements will enhance safety, convenience, and access, in addition to improving traffic flow, increasing parking capacity, and upgrading lighting. 

Vehicular circulation will be expanded as the parking lots and access road to Hampton High School will undergo a major redesign. The current entry to the high school off Topnick Drive will be reconfigured into a four-way intersection that will align with the entrance to Hampton Community Park, improving convenience, access, and safety. Previously, those access roads were offset by about 50 feet. 

Additionally, two new entry points to the high school will be installed off Topnick Drive that provide access in and out of the campus. Right now, buses, teachers, parents, and student drivers all utilize the same lane when entering the school. The redesign would bring more ease and convenience for dropping off and picking up students, as buses, cars, and pedestrian traffic would be separated.

Also, there will be a separate parking and drop-off area for students, utilizing the new entry point off Topnick Drive. Parents will be able to drop off students in their own lane. The District and DRAW Architects also saw the need to address the current lighting situation at the high school. Lighting upgrades will be strategically located to fully light all areas and paths leading into the building. A series of new sidewalks and raised crosswalks with lighting are also being installed to create a safe path for everyone to enter the building. Lighting will be installed on all sides of the building to keep parking spaces evenly lit. 

Rendering of new library exterior

Hampton High school’s brand new innovative Library Media Center is anticipated to be completed in December 2022. Dr. Marguerite Imbarlina, HHS Principal, said she is excited for the new space, which includes a Conceptual Thinking Lab.  This space includes a multitude of whiteboards and flexible furniture that encourages creative problem solving.  Adjacent small group rooms that line the library will allow students to collaborate on projects with their peers, and the Flex Studio will provide classroom, student, and meeting space for various user groups.

In addition to the Library Media Center, the project will also add a café for students, a hallway to alleviate student congestion, a new technology services area for the school district, and a dedicated yearbook room that has modern functionality.

“The new Library Media Center will provide students with a modern space to complete research and collaborate with their peers,” Dr. Imbarlina said. “It will also serve as the academic hub of the building as it is located in the center of the academic wing where the outdoor courtyard is presently.”

Image of Library Entry
Rendering of library entrance
Rendering of critical thinking lab
Rendering of critical thinking lab
Rendering of library stacks