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HHS Senior's Artwork Joins Family Legacy in School's Permanent Art Collection

HHS Senior's Artwork Joins Family Legacy in School's Permanent Art Collection
Zachary D'Amico

Art is often a pursuit that runs in families, and this is certainly true for Hampton High School senior Emma Homison.

Her watercolor piece, titled “Everything But the Kitchen Sink," was recently chosen by her peers to be added to the school's permanent art collection. What makes this achievement even more notable is that Emma's mother, Gretchen Homison (C'89), received the same honor with her color study artwork when she attended HHS.

Gretchen expressed her pride in Emma's accomplishment, stating, "Emma has been interested in art since she was three years old, and she is just a natural at it. Her piece was very well thought out."

Emma's work features images of commonly used idioms such as "crying over spilled milk," having one’s "head in the clouds," and being "caught red handed."

Explaining the inspiration behind her piece, Emma said, "I wanted to capture a bunch of idioms in one. I thought of a dinner scene where there are a lot of people interacting. At first, I had just pictures of myself as all the characters, but then I integrated some of my friends and family who were in my other works."

Emma credits her upbringing for her interest in art, saying, "Our whole house was a creative space. My parents encouraged it, and both of my sisters are very artistic too."

Although Emma is undecided on her major at Kent State University in Ohio, where she plans to attend next fall, she intends to continue pursuing her artistic interests.

"I'm going to keep art as a hobby because I am mostly motivated by ideas that I want to capture," said Emma.

HTSD congratulates Emma and all students who participated in the Senior Art Exhibition on May 4!