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HMS Debuts Talbot Treehouse Space for Student-Led Activities

HMS Debuts Talbot Treehouse Space for Student-Led Activities
Zachary D'Amico

The back room of the Hampton Middle School library has been reimagined as the Talbot Treehouse, a space for students to design and lead workshops of their own during lunch or tutorial periods. 

The Talbot Library Crew, a group of 16 students in the HMS Library Homeroom, reimagined and designed this space for students to participate in various activities. The Talbot Treehouse features flexible seating with a large painting of a tree on the wall that was created by students in the Talbot Library Crew. Leaves will be added to the tree using painted pages of damaged books and atlases. 

“We wanted it to look like you could either be on the ground looking at the tree or you were sitting on the branch, so you could see it from different perspectives,” said 8th-grader Gab Duarte, a member of the Talbot Library Crew. 

Students developed the idea for the Talbot Treehouse by first touring the open space during homeroom and beginning to brainstorm ideas for how students might use this space. Through collaborating weekly in their tutorial period, students eventually came up with a vision for a student-led space that centered around language arts that would include the following:

  • Activities led by students, for students. 

  • Flexibility for multidisciplinary activities.

  • Supplies readily available for planned activities.

  • Comfortable & flexible seating.

  • Warm, inviting, and engaging physical design. 

Students presented their idea for the Talbot Treehouse to Dr. Marlynn Lux, HMS principal, and Ms. Gwen Cohen, enrichment facilitator. Upon approval, they submitted a grant to the Hampton Alliance for Educational Excellence (HAEE), which was awarded in November. 

The Talbot Treehouse debuted over the winter, and students have so far used the space for STEAM activities, a workshop on how to crochet, playing a variety of word games, and a poetry workshop. 

“I really like having activities with our homeroom in the Talbot Treehouse,” said Addison Payne, an 8th-grade student in the Talbot Library Crew. “It’s really fun. We have different activities in tutorials, and at lunch we sometimes play bingo with our homeroom.”

This space will allow for future opportunities for students to explore their talents and interests, support health & wellness, gather for club meetings, or run a small business. 

“If a student has a passion for leading an activity, they can meet with the library staff or classroom teachers and we can guide them,” said Mrs. Jennifer Januck, LTS Library/Media Specialist. “They create their own announcement which encourages students to come to the library and sign up.”

HMS would like to thank HAEE for making this dream become a reality!