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HMS raises money for Aidan’s Helping Hands

HMS raises money for Aidan’s Helping Hands
Zachary D'Amico

In true Talbot spirit, Hampton Middle School in just one day raised $1,922.48 to support 10th grade HHS student Aiden Hanna who was diagnosed in August with osteosarcoma.

Following this diagnosis, Aiden started a charity called Aiden’s Helping Hands.  The main goal of this charity is to help raise awareness and lift others up during their cancer journey.  

HMS on Friday, Sept. 9 held a “Hat Day” to raise money for Aidan’s Helping Hands. Students and staff who chose to wear a hat to school were asked to donate $1 to the charity. HMS also sold “Aidan’s Team” bracelets each for $5 and will continue its sale next week.