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HMS unveils latest courtyard mural inspired by science & nature

HMS unveils latest courtyard mural inspired by science & nature
Zachary D'Amico

Fresh off the success of the student-led mural installation in the cafeteria in November 2023, students from all grade levels at Hampton Middle School had the opportunity to work with an artist-in-residence for a mural displayed on opposing sides of the middle school courtyard. 

Second semester students in art teacher Lisa Woods' 8th-grade "Draw, Paint, Print" class took part in the design and development of the mural with the help of artist Alison Zapata, using funds provided from a grant from Hampton Alliance for Educational Excellence (HAEE). 

“The students in this class helped to envision, design, and paint the mural,” Woods said. “They have worked closely with Ms. Zapata in each of the 15 artist-in-residence sessions we have had with her.”

Additionally, both current sections of Visual Arts 2, the 7th grade art rotation class, have been involved in every painting work session with Ms. Zapata. All HMS students had the opportunity to sign up to help paint the mural during their tutorial time.  

The mural’s theme of science and nature has two parts: one part uses a magnifying glass to look at small things on Earth, and the other part uses a telescope to look at the vastness of space.

The request for the courtyard project was made in December 2023 after seeing the success of the student-led mural also done at HMS in coordination with the Light Initiative and artist Amanda Lynn. 

HMS is grateful to HAEE for affording the opportunity to partner with an artist-in-residence from the Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media. Through donations, race sponsorships, and other community contributions, HAEE has been able to provide $13,000 in funding for the 2023-24 school year as of March with more to come before the school year ends.  Visit to contribute.