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Good nutrition is essential to growing children. In an effort to educate parents and students on healthy food choices, Metz & Associates provides the nutritional data of foods served in HTSD's cafeterias:

Members of the HTSD community were invited to participate in the development and review of the District's Wellness Policy.  Stakeholders, under the direction of Dr. Jay Thornton, Director of Student Services, met and evaluated the District's Wellness policy. The results of the assessment can be viewed here. From this assessment, committee members created a new Student Wellness Policy that was presented to the school board for approval.

Student Wellness - Board Policy 246

Nutritional Information - Elementary Food Service

Nutritional Information - HMS and HHS Food Service    

Teen Food & Fitness - May 2021

Nutrition Nuggets - May 2021

Nutrition Resources --

Here's a list of Metz-recommended informational websites: